GKTECH 350Z / 370Z Handbrake Drift Button Red

Concept Parts NZ


The GKTECH Z33 350z/Z34 370Z Billet Aluminium Handbrake Drift Button in Red slips over the top of your standard handbrake button and eliminates the need to press the button in order to use the handbrake lever. The drift button also provides a larger surface area for more precise use while drifting.

- Designed specifically for the Z33 350z and Z34 370Z
- For Race use only.

What does this drift button actually do?There is a spring in your handbrake which keeps your handbrake button from staying in. When drifting and using the handbrake you wouldn’t want the handbrake button to pop back out so if you remove the spring. You install the drift button so that you can then pull the button when you need to keep your handbrake in the locked position.

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