GKTECH Z33 350Z/V35 Skyline Gearbox Mount Stiffener Inserts



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The GKTECH Z33 350Z/V35 Skyline gearbox mount stiffener is a direct fit into the standard gearbox mount. By filling the void in the OEM mount the stiffners help reduce engine and gearbox movement to get the power to the ground. Particularly useful in track car where the car is off and on the throttle regularly. The end result is similar to an aftermarket gearbox mount but without the extra noise and without the extra cost. Simply drop the crossmember and insert an insert on each side and tigthen the crossmember again.

- Manufactured from a proprietary 90sHA material
- Very quick and easy install

Vehicle Compatibility:
- Nissan Z33 350z
- Nissan V35 Skyline

NOTE: Only works with manual RWD gearboxes. Will not work with automatics or AWD vehicles.
NOTE #2: Some OEM gearbox mounts don't have a void. If yours doesn't have a void then you won't be able to use these.

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