GKTECH Nissan 350Z / V35 Dual Caliper Brackets



The GKTECH 350z/370z dual caliper brackets feature CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminium and allow the use of either Brembo or non-Brembo calipers for use as a standalone hydraulic handbrake.
They only space the hub out 8mm and do not require any modifications to fit and also allow the use of the drum handbrake.
As the plate spaces the hub out 8mm, the driveshaft is essentially being stretched that 8mm to compensate for the thickness of the plate so axle spacers are available.

We have different sized options available as it is also a good opportunity to select a different size axle spacer if you were running a different diff/driveshafts combination or have a very low vehicle
These are available either on our Trade Me listings or our website.

Vehicle Compatibility:
- Nissan Z33 350z
- Nissan V35 Skyline


Whichever calipers you have now, you need another set of the same calipers. Calipers can not be mixed between models. Ie. you can't run 1 Brembo caliper and 1 OEM Nissan caliper

These brackets are designed to be used with the OEM knuckles. They can NOT be used with aftermarket knuckles.

These will not work with Wilwood calipers as the bracket has only been designed to be used with the OEM fitment calipers.

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