GKTech R32 GTS-T Damper Delete Braided Clutch Line



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GKTech R32 GTS-T Damper Delete braided Clutch Line

The GKTECH braided clutch lines are a direct replacement of the factory lines and are stronger than the factory rubber lines which are prone to breaking but they also eliminate the spongy feel of the clutch.

This line replaces the OEM clutch line damper system and runs direct from the master cylinder to the slave.

Alternatively you can choose to retain the OEM damper system and just replace the shorter clutch line only meaning it will run from the OEM damper system to the slave cylinder.
This line is available from Concept Parts as well.

The lines are assembled by us in-house in Australia using quality UK made stainless steel fittings, stainless steel braided line with a Teflon inner tube and PVC outer for protection, which comply with all ADR, DOT and TUV specifications.

Vehicle Compatibility:
- Nissan R32 GTS-T Skyline

What are the differences in line length?
The OEM clutch damper delete clutch line that runs from the master cylinder to the slave cylinder measures 60cm end to end.
The clutch line which retains the factory clutch damper system which goes to the slave cylinder measures 28cm end to end.

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