GKtech V2 R32/R33/R34/Z32 Chassis Front Super Lock Knuckles



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This listing is for a pair (1 x left and 1 x right) Skyline Front Super Lock Knuckles

The V2 GKTECH Super Lock R32/R33/R34/Z32 Front knuckles now present a light weight, sheet metal design after hundreds of hours of FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to improve the strength of the product but also keep the weight down. With 65+ degrees of steering lock being able to be achieved with ease whilst keeping a linear steering response these knuckles are suited to drift or circuit racers.

- Spindle height raised for roll center and bump steer correction
- 65+ degrees of steering lock
- Lightweight (1.4kg lighter EACH)
- Linear steering response for optimal drive

Vehicle Compatibility:
- Nissan Skyline R32 GTS-T
- Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-T
- Nissan Skyline R34 GT-T
- Nissan Z32 300ZX

NOTE: GKTech offset steering rack spacers are recommended to eliminate the chance of steering bind.
NOTE#2: Steering lock of 65+ degrees quoted is based on having wheel clearance. If you have high offset wheels and your wheel hits the chassis then you may get less than this amount of steering lock.
NOTE#3: Only suits RWD steering setups. GTS-4 and GTR front suspension setups are different and these knuckles will NOT work with them.
NOTE#4: When using R34 front brake calipers the mounting holes need to be drilled out from 12mm to 14mm (there is enough material to cater for the increase in hole diameter).
NOTE#5: Does NOT have a provision for ABS

How hard are these to fit?
They are quite easy to install but mechanical knowledge is certainly required. Remove your standard knuckles, press out the old hubs, press the hubs into the new knuckles and the knuckles will bolt straight in. 

Do you make knuckles for other cars?
We supply knuckles for S and R chassis Nissans, we don't supply them for any other cars at this point.

How much angle can I get from these knuckles?
Depending on the width and offset of your rims, and whether you're running standard lower control arms or notched/modified lower control arms (or standard) you will see between 55 degrees - 65 degrees of steering lock.

Are these suited to circuit/grip racing?
Yes, absolutely. The weight saving and the roll center and bump steer correction is great for additional front end grip and the steering arm length means quite linear steering.

Do I need to do any other modifications to get the most from these knuckles? 
Yes, notched lower control arms or atleast modified bump stops will help. Rack spacers are recommended or alternatively longer tie rods or some of GKTech's tie rod ends (adjustable length). Note that of all of the steering racks, the R33 steering rack provides the least amount of travel so if you are chasing every last degree of angle, swapping to an R32 steering rack will give a few more degrees of lock.

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