GKTECH Replacement PCML12TES end bearing



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Replacement PCML12TES bearing (can also be replaced with PCML12T, non extended version and PCML12TE)

Used in the following GKTECH products: 
Super Lock LCA's (SKU = S13X-944X, S13X-3974, S145-035X, S145-3065) 
V2 High clearance lower control arms (SKU = BUDG-2045, BUDG-4065)
V3 and V4 Front caster rods (SKU = S13X-CSTR and S145-CSTR)
Z33/350z Front upper camber arms (SKU = Z33X-FUCA)
Z33/350z Rear camber arms (SKU = 350Z-CMBR)

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