GKTECH Replacement Engine Fan - 60% more airflow!



The GKTECH replacement engine fan has been designed and engineered in Australia specifically for us with the intention of pulling more air than the factory item. Surprisingly, this was very easy to design and the design that our engineering firm came up with is based around the design of a propeller. It is a direct replacement clutch fan for the S13/180sx, S14 and S15 SR20 powered Silvia's/200sx's. Simply remove your factory fan (4 bolts) and install the new fan.

- Direct replacement of the standard fan
- Pulls 60% more air than the factory SR fan and pulls around 40% more air than the factory RB25 fan (a common upgrade)
- When tested on a dyno the new fan took less than half the time to cool down from 90 degrees to operating temperature (good for next time you're on the start line at the track)

Vehicle Compatibility:

- Nissan Silvia S13/240sx (SR20 & KA24 only)
- Nissan 180sx/240sx (SR20 & KA24 only)
- Nissan 200sx/240sx S14 (SR20 & KA24)
- Nissan 200sx S15

For RB users please see the GKTech RB adaptor kit to suit fan.
Go to https://conceptparts.co.nz/collections/engine-bay/products/gktech-sr-to-rb-clutch-fan-adaptor-rbxx-adpt 

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