GKtech S13/180sx Chassis Front Drop Knuckles - Drift/Grip version



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S-Chassis Front Drop Knuckle (Drift/Grip Version)

Gktech have three different variants of their world-renowned S Chassis Front Drop Knuckles!

The Drift/Grip knuckles are the best of both worlds, with the driveability that the grip knuckles have, the ball joint height has been lowered 50mm for roll centre and bump steer correction while also having around up to 60 degrees of steering lock available.
They have been designed with a linear steering response making them super smooth and predictable to drive with. They are still a super competitive knuckle to drive on in terms of drifting, but just don’t have the extra edge of the pro drift knuckle.
This knuckle is perfect for the all-rounder, who enjoys both Drifting and Grip/Time-Attack.

To get the maximum amount of rack travel and see the full potential with these knuckles we recommend the bolt on rack spacers if your rack is moved forward, otherwise, you may get steering bind. If it is not moved forward and is not something you are able to do, we do recommend the offset rack spacers which do move the inner tie rods forward, which mitigates bind and still offer the rack travel needed.

- S13/ S14 variations (Please Specify)
- Ball joint height lowered 50mm
- Lightweight (S13 version is 3kg and S14/S15 is 3.1kg)
- Provision for ABS sensor
- Light weight
- Robust design
- 4130 Chromoly
- CMM measured, CAD designed and FEA tested
- E-coated (Electrophoresis Coating)

Available also is the GKTech Grip Knuckle and Pro Drift Knuckle.


What's so good about drop knuckles?
A lot of people think that the best thing about knuckles (aka uprights) is getting more steering angle to drift however the main advantage of installing knuckles is the roll centre correction and bump steer correction. Extremely lowered vehicles typically handle poorly, with drop knuckles like these installed the handling will improve dramatically.

The reasoning behind that is as your lower control arm and castor (aka tension) rods are sitting near horizontal, this now brings them back to where they were before the car was lowered, which is exactly what you want for optimum handling.

Are there any modifications required, are these hard to fit?
No modifications are required, simply just remove and refit. You will also need to re-adjust your coilover height due to the drop incorporated into the knuckle and we recommend getting a wheel alignment.

GKTech design all our parts around fitting OEM parts also.

Do I need to do any other modifications to get the most from these knuckles? 

You will see an improvement in feel just bolting these directly in, but will not see their full potential.

GKTech recommend to notch your lower control arms or at least modify your bump stops. This will allow more room of the tie rod end to travel inwards on lock, thus having more lock.

They also recommend bolt on rack spacers if you are running out of rack travel and or bolt on rack spacers, which still provide more rack travel but are mainly used to mitigate steering bind.

Keep in mind clearance is key, the more clearance everything has the more lock will be achievable, so you would need to ensure your swaybar, lower control arm and caster arm allow for this. GKTech make all high clearance versions of those parts which can be found on our website.


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