GKTECH S13/180SX 40mm Roll Centre Correction Kit



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The GKTECH roll center correction kit is CNC machined from 7075-T6 aluminium and provides 40mm of roll center correction, 40mm of bump steer correction and also re-positions the steering arm to increase steering lock. The roll center correction kit bolts up to the bottom of your standard knuckle and can be removed with no ramifications at all. With the use of our steering rack spacers (non offset) you will see 60 degrees of lock. By far the cheapest way of getting both roll center correction and lock.

NOTE: These will increase camber as it pushes the bottom of the wheel out 25mm so best to use with camber tops.

Vehicle Compatibility:

- Nissan S13 Silvia
- Nissan 180SX


Are camber tops essential? What if I have coilovers with camber adjustment?

Camber tops are not essential however without them you will be running quite a bit of negative camber (depending on the height of your car).

Does installing this kit require a wheel alignment?

Yes, it alters both your camber and toe so a wheel alignment will be required.

Can this kit be used without modifying steering parts (no extenders)?

Yes it can be however installing with our steering rack exenders will give the best result (60 degrees lock).

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