GKtech V3 S-Chassis Front Super Lock Knuckles



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This listing is for a pair (1 x left and 1 x right) Silvia Front Super Lock Knuckles for S14/15

The V3 GKTECH front S chassis Silvia front super lock knuckles have been developed with the learnings from our previous V1 aluminium knuckles and we now present a light weight, sheet metal design after hundreds of hours of FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to improve the strength of the product but also keep the weight down. With circa 70 degrees of steering lock being able to be achieved with ease whilst keeping a linear steering response these knuckles are suited to drift or circuit racers.


- Spindle height raised 40mm's for roll center and bump steer correction
- Circa 70 degrees of steering lock
- lightweight (S13 version is 3.1kg and S14/S15 is 3.15kg
- S13 and S14/S15 specific versions
- linear steering response for optimal drive

Installation notes:

- The offset steering rack extenders offer an additional 19mm's of steering rack travel and help to avoid steering bind. They are required to get maximum steering lock and as such, are recommended.
- Steering lock of 70 degrees quoted is based on having wheel clearance. If you have high offset wheels and your wheel hits the chassis then you may get less than this amount of steering lock.
- Will not work with some brake caliper adapter kits. 
- Does NOT have a provision for ABS  Best suited to be used with our Super Lock LCA's.

What's so good about these knuckles?
Alot of people think that the best thing about knuckles (aka uprights) is getting more steering angle to drift however the main advantage of installing knuckles is the roll center correction and bump steer correction. Extremely lowered vehicles typically handle poorly, with drop knuckles like these installed the handling will improve dramatically as your lower control arm and castor (aka tension) rods are sitting near horizontally which brings them back to where they were befor the car was lowered = good. 

How hard are these to fit?
They are quite easy to install but mechanical knowledge is certainly required. Remove your standard knuckles and the knuckles will bolt straight in. 

Do you make knuckles for other cars?
We make knuckles for S and R chassis Nissans, we don't make them for any other cars.

How much angle can I get from these knuckles?
Depending on the width and offset of your rims, and whether you're running standard lower control arms or notched/modified lower control arms (or standard) you will see between 55 degrees - 70 degrees of steering lock. With the use of our Super Lock LCA's combined with appropriately sized wheels you will see 70 degrees of lock. 

Are these suited to circuit/grip racing?
Yes, absolutely. The weight saving and the roll center and bump steer correction is great for additional front end grip.

Do I need to do any other modifications to get the most from these knuckles? 
Yes, notched lower control arms or atleast modified bump stops will help get more from the knuckles and rack spacers are recommended or alternatively longer tie rods or some of our tie rod ends (adjustable length) but to get the absolute most of these knuckles our Super Lock LCA's, our offset rack spacers (or rack relocated using bolt on rack spacers) and appropriately sized wheels are required. 

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