GKTECH Nissan S14a (Kouki) 200sx Radiator Cooling Panel



The GKTECH air diversion panels sit between your front bumper and the radiator support and not only make your engine bay look cleaner they also serve a purpose. 

The air diversion panels help to direct air into the radiator as opposed to around it and you will see a drop in water temperatures on the track.

- CNC laser cut 2mm aluminium plate
- Available in anodized black or silver

Vehicle Compatibility:
- Nissan S14a (Kouki) Silvia

NOTE: Designed for the JDM grill however if you have an ADM grill it can still be used but you will need to trim the air diversion panel around 20mm along the front.

These panels are CNC laser cut and black anodized to help protect the alloy and give it stealth look.

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