GKTech S or R Chassis rear suspension package



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*** S/R chassis rear suspension package ***

The GKTECH rear suspension package is designed for those that are looking for a combo.

Newly designed, low weight (2.8kg) V2 GKTECH Rear Adjustable Lower Control Arms are good for adjusting track width, wheel fitment, and most importantly eliminate passive rear wheel steering/compliance steering. The Lower control arms offer +15/–15mm perpendicular to the centreline of the chassis.

Feature dual calliper brackets as standard, allowing to fit factory Nissan 2 pot callipers either side, in addition to the factory Z32/Skyline drum handbrake. Clearance for GTR driveshaft’s, high quality PTFE lined spherical bearings throughout and have all new kinematics to drastically improve anti-squat, bump steer, camber gain curves and raised roll centre height.

When you lower your car negative camber is introduced. This reduces the contact patch of your tyres and thus available traction. These camber arms allow for approximately -3/+3 degrees of camber adjustment.

When you lower your car the rear toe is largely effected. This effects rear toe adjustment, and can cause the car to crabwalk, be unpredictable, unsafe and cause rapid tyre wear. Having adjustable rear toe arms will correct this issue.

Choice in rear toe arms is subframe specific, eg if you car is running an S13 subframe select S13 toe arms. If your car is running an S14 subframe then select S14 toe arms.

Rear traction rods allow adjustment forward or backward of the rear knuckle assembly. They can be adjusted to eliminate bump steer, anti-squat and alter other rear suspension traction settings to improve suspension response.

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