GKtech S/R/Z32 Chassis Rear Knuckles



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This listing is for a pair (2) quality steel rear knuckles for S/R/Z32 chassis rear knuckles.

They come with dual caliper brackets as standard, high quality PTFE lined spherical bearings throughout and have all new kinematics to drastically improve anti-squat, bumpsteer, cambergain curves and raised roll center height.

- Ability to run dual caliper without spacing the rotor out
- Ability to run drum brake in standard position with dual calipers (or single caliper) installed
- The drop is 40 mm - optimized for cars 40 mm lower than factory ride height (more drop would have required proprietary arms)
- High quality PTFE lined spherical bearings throughout as standard, common bearing size so replacements are easy to get and affordable (QA1/FK part #COM10T)
- All new kinematics to significantly increase grip over regular drop knuckles
- Optimized camber curve for more even tyre wear
- Optimized bumpsteer for toe-in under compression without OEM arms' elastokinematics
- Increased anti-squat for more rear weight transfer and traction
- Raised roll center height for better handling
- Light weight sheet metal design optimized using finite element analyses for ultimate strength - fully dressed weight (bearings, spacers, circlips) 4.1kg (standard knuckle is 5.1kg)
- Clearance for larger GTR drive shafts

What makes these rear knuckles different to other drop knuckles?
Our rear knuckles are not just drop knuckles, they have different suspension arm mounting points which results in altered and improved camber curves and bump steer. This results in far more grip and very predicatble grip. Seperate to having all new kinematics these rear knuckles use spherical rose joints (a common size also incase you need to ever replace them), and have dual caliper brackets as standard. 

Do these rear knuckles have clearance for GTR axles?
Yes, there is enough clearance for GTR axles. 

Do you make these with a "fork" style strut mount?
We don't. We only make the version seen here. 

Do you make these with brake mounts to suit Wilwood calipers?
At present we are only making the 1 version of the rear knuckles which is for dual 2 pot Nissan calipers (R32, R33, R34, Z32 etc.).

Will these fit my car?
We can only confirm fitment for the vehicles listed above under "confirmed fitment" however also take note that as mentioned in the product description aftermarket traction, toe and camber arms are required and they must have rose joints for misalignment.

How long is the warranty on these rear knuckles?
All GKTECH suspension products come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. This does not include crashes (it's pretty easy to tell the difference between a crack caused by impact as opposed to a stress fracture) and the Teflon lined rose joints come with a 1 year replacement warranty. We stock spare bearings so even after the 12 months is up we can still help with replacements, worse case scenario they're a 5/8" spherical bearings and are readily available through your local autoshop.

Are these rear knuckles legal for use on street cars?
We recommend that you contact your local LVV certifier for clarification/confirmation. Whether you use these on public roads is at your discretion and we will not be held resonsible for the outcome.

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