GKTECH V2 R32 GTR Subframe Weld In Reinforcement Plates

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GKTech V2 R32 GT-R Skyline Subframe Weld In Reinforcement Plate kit

The GKTECH V2 R32 GT-R Skyline subframe weld in reinforcement plates have been designed from a 3D scan with the addition of CMM data
to help to reinforce your subframe where it needs it most. Laser cut, steel and dimple died for strength these plates make reinforcement
of the rear subframe a heap easier than attempting to do it yourself.
Subframes can break, especially in drift/motorsport applications. Just as people seam weld their cars,
the subframe should not be forgotten. Remembering that it takes a heap of the stress under load.
It's also a simple and effective mod while the subframe is out.

NOTE: Rear toe arm supports are to be discarded if the subframe was originally HICAS equipped.

Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Items will be posted out same day as payment clearing.

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