HFM R32 GTR caliper brackets to suit 324mm R33 GTR rotors



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This listing is for a pair of R32 GTR Caliper Brackets to suit 324MM R33 GTR Rotors

If you're running R32 GTR calipers on your R32 GTR then have a think about upgrading your rotors from 296mm to a whopping 324mm's. With these brackets installed 324mm R33 GTR rotors are a direct fit and will significantly increase the surface area of your rotor and help to avoid brake fade whilst also filling your rims and guaranteeing more interest from the opposite kind.

- Aluminium 6061-T6 construction with grade 10.9 fittings

Vehicle Compatibility:
- Nissan R32 GTR

NOTE: 17" rims or larger required to fit 324mm rotors (rotors are NOT included)
NOTE #2: the standard pads do have some pad overhang due to the increase in the radius of the rotor which isn't a big issue but if you're getting new pads at the same time, get Landcruiser 1199 pads as they fit better.

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