SAAS Oil Catch Tank Baffled Rectangle Black Billet 600ml



Oil Catch Tank Baffled Rectangle Black Billet 600ml

So your engine is making some serious horsepower, why would you want to feed it the oil fumes it's working so hard to pump out?
Normally your crankcase would be ventilated back through your engine's intake system, usually via a PCV valve. Great for smog laws,
not so great for your engine. You run the risk of coating your intake runners, injectors, even valves and pistons with the residual
oil mist discharged from your crankcase.

Now there's a better way to keep your engine's intake and fuel system free from the crankcase oil contaminents generated by engine
blow-by - with a SAAS fully baffled Oil Catch Can.

Machined billet T6061 Aluminium
Internal filter - removable, washable, replaceable
Additional internal baffles to ensure maximum trap of waste oil particles

Length 95mm
Width 135mm
Height 205mm


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