SAAS Boss Kit Toyota Corolla Startlet RAV4 1993 on



This listing is for a high quality SAAS boss kit to suit the following vehicles:

-HOLDEN NOVA LG 1993 - 1997

-TOYOTA COROLLA AE101 - AE102 1994 - 1999
-TOYOTA PASEO EL44 - EL54 1991 - 1998
-TOYOTA RAV 4 1994 - 1997
-TOYOTA STARTLET EP82 - EP91 1988 - 1998

Will fit either 6 bolt 70mm or 74mm PCD steering wheels.
Overall length is 96mm

Boss kit comes with horn backing plate, horn button, hardware and allen key. Don't get stuck with a cheap muck metal boss kit like others on the market. This is a VERY IMPORTANT PART of your vehicles steering system!

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